Day 3 at Dolphin open brings PS’s for our swimmers. They put enormous effort to compete with others and at the end our club become third in this gala. Killian finished 4 the in the skins final for the 50 breaststroke 💪


More information including full results here


Results just in for the dolphin club winners.
1st Dolphin
2nd Sundays Well
This is an amazing achievement for our 9 swimmers, Lucy Brannigan, Ben Hannafin, Sean Hayes, Isabelle Hoare, David Killen, Matthew O’Ceallaigh, Sasha Podgornijs, Victoria Szyszkowska and Killian Whelan.

Thank you our coach, team managers, parents for all your support. Thanks to Dolphin Swimming Club for a great gala 🏊🏻‍♂️🏊‍♀️