A progressive and targeted Regional Programme is a key tactic in achieving Swim Ireland’s Performance objectives for the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane.

The Regional Programme will sit directly below the National Programme and will display alignment to it in terms of principles and content and will not operate as standalone programmes.

For the Regional Programme, it is recognised that:
Athletes should be a particular percentage outside of the National Programme standards in regards to either the 2028 or the 2032 Olympic Games and should be differentiated as such

Subject to individual athlete age, all Regional Programme members must be fully committed to an comprehensive training/coaching programme in preparation for peak performance in the relevant annual

Swim Ireland International or National benchmark competition/s and the Irish Open Championships acting as
the sole Trials for such international events

Through staff observation at previous Regional Programme, National Programme and/or National Team selections, athletes will have displayed behaviours and standards that are fully aligned with the ‘On This Performance Team’ booklet

The National and Regional Programmes will support athletes through to the 2023 Irish Open Championships (the period September 2022 to April 2023). Support and interventions for athletes in the period May 2023 to August 2023 will be focused on those athletes selected to compete for a Regional Team in this period