Clonmel Swimming Club has provided 4 different level of swimming related to swimmer ability and age. The list is displayed as follow:


SealsSeals, level 1

To progress to Seals, level 1 a swimmer must be able to Kick on front, without aid, with face submerged, blowing bubbles, Kicking within the body line. Float on back confidently, regain standing position from front and back and be tall enough to stand in water in level 1.




StingraysStingrays, level 2

To progress to Stingrays, level 2 a swimmer must be able to demonstrate efficient  front crawl & back crawl , rotate 360 degrees without touching the pool floor, demonstrate rotary breathing, push and glide on front and back, floating on front and back. In back crawl the hips and legs must be high and efficient.

Perform a surface dive.



SharksSharks, level 3

To progress to Sharks, level 3 a swimmer must be able to Swim front crawl and back crawl perfectly, all body, legs, arms and breathing skills in place, swim 5 meters breast arms. Push and glide front and back holding glide for 2 meters. Swim through hoop from floating position. Demonstrate a hand stand from the bottom of the pool. Tread water for 20 seconds.





A-squad, level 4

To graduate from A-squad, level 4 a swimmer must be able to demonstrate a forward somersault form a treading water position, demonstrate a kneeling dive, demonstrate an understanding of bilateral breathing. Swim 10 meters front crawl breathing to the side, back crawl keeping head still, breaststroke with full efficiency.

Graduating from A level 4, a swimmer is finished with the DSC LTSP. Congratulations.



Should places be available in our  NON COMPETITIVE lane swimming session the swimmer graduating will be offered a place there. If however there are not any places available the swimmer has the option of going on a waiting list.

Thank you and we hope your swimmer is enjoying her/his time with us in our learn to swim program.