The COVID 19 Pandemic will radically change the habits, behaviors and expectations of all of us in the future. This is very true of our facilities and services here at the Clonmel Park Leisure Club.

The Clonmel Park Leisure Club will be a very different facility to the one we knew before.

Our main priority is your health and safety, and we have carried out some significant changes. Our pledge to you, is that together with our leisure team, we will work with you in maximising the benefits of your membership, while guaranteeing the best practice in the area of social distancing, hygiene and sanitation.

NOT all of our activities/services/facilities will restart immediately following the reopening of the leisure club.

Some services will start straight away, others will be phased in and some maybe discontinued, all depending on government guidelines. The numbers of patrons using our facilities will be dramatically reduced and managed according to the HSE guidelines.


  1. Facilities may be only used by our members and guests by pre booking time slots on (052) 6188733.
  2. Walk-ins will no longer be possible.
  3. You will be allocated a timeslot of 60 minutes which includes 15 minutes for entering, changing (for pool only) and exiting. Hopefully, we will be able to increase the maximum occupancy as the weeks progress.
  4. You can only book your required time slot 24 hours in advance.
  5. Locker rooms and showers will only be available for pool users and will not be available for gym users during the initial opening weeks, but we hope to gradually reintroduce phased access to such facilities for all users. Once again, strict social distancing and sanitising protocols will be in place.



  • Sauna, Steam Room & Jacuzzi will remain closed due to government guidelines
  • Changing room access, lockers and showers will be strictly only for pool users during the initial reopening, with a plan of future phased access in accordance with government guidelines this again is to put your safety first.
  • Fitness Classes and swim lessons are on hold, but we are hopeful to have a limited timetable in place in the next few weeks.
  • No spectators are permitted into the leisure club, or on the pool deck. For this reason, all furniture has been removed.
  • Water drinking facilities are no longer available, please bring your own fluids
  • For those attending the pool, hairdryers are no longer available.



  • Please do not arrive prior to your booking time slot as unfortunately admission any earlier cannot be guaranteed
  • On arrival, sanitise your hands and maintain social distancing at all times
  • At the leisure desk, you must scan in and sign a pre-entry self-declaration form. This is where we ask our members to take responsibility for their own well-being. If you feel ill please take the day off and to not frequent the leisure club. We ask all members to be respectful of each other
  • (Hotel residents and guests just sign form)
  • A leisure team member will then inform you when it is safe to proceed into the gym / pool area
  • To maintain social distancing, we ask that you keep moving and not to engage social activity throughout the leisure club, this is for your safety & comfort!
  • No swim equipment will be available to borrow e.g. swim caps, floats, yoga mats etc.



  •       During your workout in the gym area, it is important that you stay at the one workout station / machine, until the next desired station / machine is free.
  •      The gym area will be sanitized regularly by our leisure team and will follow all guidelines to do so.
  •      In addition, cleaning stations will be available throughout the gym area. It is your responsibility to sanitise the equipment before and after use.
  •      If attending the gym, towels and mats will not be provided. You will need to bring these with you.
  •      For your stretching & core work please use the Aerobics Studio located upstairs. There will be a maximum of two people allowed to use this at any one time
  •      Don’t bring any personal belongings with you, as you will have no access to the changing rooms / locker room facilities until further notice.
  •      Please bring your own fluids, as the water machine will not be in use, however you may purchase products from the Club Shop.
  •      We would recommend if attending the gym the following day that you pre-book your slot prior to departure as bookings can be taken for within a 24 hour period



  • If attending the pool, flip flops and sandals must be worn on the deck and in the changing areas
  • In the changing room, please maintain social distancing, and pay attention to the signage. Please have 2 euro for the lockers in advance. This ensures you are limiting unnecessary contact with the leisure club personnel
  • In the pool, please adhere to the new entry only and exit only When swimming, it is important that you continue to maintain social distancing
  • There is a new larger swim lane which facilitates social distancing for those swimming lengths. Please keep moving and swim in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Bring your own equipment for use in the pool i.e. floats, kick boards etc.
  • Please bring your own fluids, as the water machine will not be in use
  • Changing rooms and showers are available for anyone attending the pool. But by arriving wearing your swimwear under your clothing and showering, if possible, at home you will minimise time spent in the changing rooms and limit social interaction
  • Please spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms and showers. This will be important to limit social interaction and maintain safe social distancing measures


Frequently Asked Question’s

If I am booking a timeslot can I bring my children?

Yes, of course you may bring your children. Once there is space to do so and once it is requested at the time of booking all children are very welcome.

Can I pay for services by cash?

Due to recent events all non-contactless payments would be welcomed. We will still take cash transactions if needs be.

What is the status of my private swim lesson?

All lessons originally scheduled have been cancelled. The leisure team will be in contact with when we are able to resume instruction and reschedule the missed lessons.

Can I get a refund on my membership or guest passes?

Due to events being out of our control we are not in a position to offer any refunds at this time. If you are ill and can’t attend for personal reasons, then we can ‘freeze’ your membership with a signed doctor note.

My guest passes have since expired can they be extended?

Yes! Please pop into the leisure reception where one of our team members will re-validate your passes. This only applies if the passes have expired since March 16th, 2020.

When will my membership be reactivated?

Your membership has been on hold since the 16th of March.

From the 29th of June your membership will be reactivated. The time that was lost on your membership, due to the closure, will be added on from the 29th June.

Any guest passes that have since expired can be re-validated at the leisure reception. There is a strict no refund policy in place. 

When will the fitness classes return?

Fitness Classes and swim lessons are currently on hold, but we are hopeful to have a limited timetable in place in the next few weeks.

If I want to use the gym and the pool can I book more than one-hour slot?

Until further notice, the total time slot allocated per person will be a maximum of 60 mins. We request that this is respected as the members/guests with the next slot will be waiting to gain entry.

Can I book a slot for the week?

You may only book one slot 24 hours prior to your desired time-slot. We recommend that when leaving the leisure club that you book in for the next day at the leisure club reception.

I would like to join the leisure club. Is this possible?

Yes of course. All our membership packages are still available. Please remember that there is no guarantee to get your desired time slot when booking to use our facilities, however as always we will endeavour to accommodate everyone.

Can I bring a guest with me?


For the current period we will be only be catering for members/residents and people who have purchased day passes. Please keep an eye on updates as this is subject to change.



Your membership has been on hold since the 16th of March. From the 29th of June your membership will be reactivated. The time that was lost on your membership, due to the closure, will be added on from the 29th June. Any guest passes that have since expired can be revalidated at the leisure reception. There is a strict no refund policy in place.



We are committed the health and safety of our older guests / members, and we want to give them the confidence to exercise in a safe and healthy environment. 9.30am to 10.30am will be reserved exclusively for you Monday to Friday. Please note that this hour includes entering, changing and exiting.

Members in this age bracket are also free to book any other time slots throughout the week.



We are currently considering the logistics around the staging of a limited Swim Camp programme for children this summer. We are awaiting more information, guidelines and protocols for holding children’s activities at our club, and we hope to be able to decide this in the coming weeks.


We’re excited to welcome you back!