Swim Like A Pro: How to Swim Faster & Smarter With A Holistic Training Guide


Swim Like A Pro is the most comprehensive guide for swimmers looking to improve their performance and health!

Fares Ksebati is one of the most trusted swim coaches in the world and has created a proven training program that has helped hundreds of thousands of swimmers improve their stroke technique and swim more efficiently.

Swim Like A Pro uses a holistic approach to help you swim faster with less effort and with more enjoyment. If you’re just getting started in your swimming journey, this couldn’t be a better time to start!

The resources in this book in this book and the online course will not only expose you to the fundamentals of technique training but also the world of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and injury prevention. Swim Like A Pro will offer you:
– A Fresh Perspective On Swimming
– A Deeper Understanding of Stroke Technique and Training
– A Strategy to Set SMART Swimming Goals
– A Holistic Approach To Swim Smarter: Nutrition, Dryland, and Mental Training
– A Series of Inspiring Stories

Are you ready to swim faster and smarter than ever before?

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Swim Like A Pro offers an online video course that includes swim drills, workouts, links to additional video content and an exclusive Q&A section that will grow over time.


Every chapter has a corresponding video(s) and section in the online course. You’ll be able to see and hear my explanation for each concept and stroke technique in this book. Seeing a visual representation of each concept can make all the difference in how fast you make progress.

The online course has bonus video sections, a swim workout template, and interviews with swimmers who have lost weight, completed ironmans, and even won Olympic Medals! While the online video course is not required, it’s highly encouraged.


“As a former professional swimmer, I understand how important proper technique training is to reaching your goals. Swim Like A Pro makes swimming accessible to beginners while also helping seasoned athletes reach their full potential. The online video course helps you visualize the correct technique in order to swim faster with less effort.”
– Peter Vanderkaay, 3x Olympian, 4x Olympic Medalist

“Fares translated his passion and enthusiasm for swimming into the user-friendly app that is MySwimPro. Whether you are looking to swim for fitness or train for the English Channel the holistic approach and vast library of dryland videos, technique tips, and workouts will help you accomplish your goal. Be ready to find a new love for swimming and the water!”
– Catherine Breed, 4x Open Water Record Holder, 2x Pan American Gold Medalist

“Swim Like A Pro is a MUST read for any triathlete looking to improve their swimming technique and training! Fares has helped thousands of swimmers and triathletes of all ages and abilities reach their full athletic potential. This book offers the perfect entry point for someone looking to take their swimming to the next level!”
– Mitch Thrower, 23x Ironman, 11x Ironman World Championships


Fares Ksebati is an entrepreneur, swimmer, coach, and mentor, helping people turn their dreams into a reality. He has been featured by Apple, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and Men’s Health. Fares is the Co-Founder of MySwimPro, World Swim Day, and multiple business ventures that have impacted millions of people around the world.

Fares is an avid world traveler and keynote speaker. He is a Bosphorus Cross-continental swimmer, and three time U.S. Masters Swimming individual national champion. His goal is to inspire and empower others to take action on their dreams. He advocates for a growth mindset and continuous self-improvement!