The Gerry Ryan Long Course Gala in Limerick has concluded, marking the beginning of 2024. Clonmel swimmers showcased exceptional performance, achieving impressive results and setting personal bests. A heartfelt appreciation goes to the dedicated coaches whose guidance played a pivotal role in this success. Special thanks also to the vigilant parents who supported and cheered for their swimmers throughout the competition.

Rest well tonight, recharge with a good night’s sleep, and return tomorrow ready for new challenges and triumphs in the pool.


Swimmers competed long course today:

Isabelle Hoare, Lucy O’Mahony and Niamh Smith (all in 800m Freestyle Female).

Ethan Hanrahan, Garry Hanrahan, Toby Hayes (in 100m Butterfly Male) Sasha Podgornijs and Thomas Smith (in 800m Freestyle Male).


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