On Day 3 in Mayfield, the swimmers got a lot of personal bests.

Three girls and four boys from our team joined a swim meet called the Dolphin open.

In the morning, Session 5 started with Victoria and Isabelle swimming the 100m Backstroke. Isabelle came in third. Then Toby swam fast enough in his race to make it to the final. Ethan and Harry also swam the 100m Backstroke, and Isabelle did the 100m Freestyle too. Owen, Sasha, and Harry swam the 100m Freestyle, and Anna swam in the 50m Freestyle.

After a break, Session 6 began.

Victoria swam the 100m Individual Medley first, then Owen and Harry swam the 200m Freestyle. Next, Anna and Victoria swam the 200m Breaststroke, and Ethan finished with the 200m Breaststroke.

Following a second break, Session 7 had our swimmers in the finals.

Owen and Ethan swam in the 100m Freestyle final, and Toby swam again in the 100m Backstroke final.