LIMERICK – Swimmers were greeted with splendid weather as Day 2 of the Aspring Gala unfolded under clear blue skies in Limerick today. The atmosphere was nothing short of electric, with the radiant sun providing the perfect backdrop for some exceptional performances in the pool.

The event, which has been highly anticipated in the aquatic community, proved to be more than just another swimming gala. It brought with it a multitude of positive moments, from personal bests to heartwarming camaraderie, as swimmers from various backgrounds came together to celebrate their passion for the sport.

The prestigious ‘Munster Bands’ trophies were given to swimmers across all age categories and in every stroke, acknowledging the outstanding talent and hard work of the participants. The gleam of the trophies mirrored the pride evident in the eyes of every recipient.

A notable mention goes out to our local swimmers who gave a spectacular performance, securing numerous personal bests (PBs). Their relentless dedication and months of training truly paid off, showcasing their potential and commitment to the sport.

Behind every successful event are the unseen volunteers who make it all possible. A heartfelt thanks is extended to the team managers, officials, and the parents, whose unwavering support and hands-on assistance ensured the gala ran smoothly. Their tireless efforts, from coordinating logistics to cheering from the sidelines, were pivotal in making the day a success.

Gallery from the event below: