LIMERICK — Today, the UL Arena will come alive with the splashing and churning of determined swimmers, as schools from all over the region converge for the Minor School Gala. Among the hopefuls are sixteen competitive swimmers from Clonmel Swimming Club, all ready to showcase their talent and represent their primary schools with pride. Twelve talented girls and four enthusiastic boys have spent countless hours training and preparing for this prestigious event. For some, this isn’t just a competition—it’s a debut. A few of the young swimmers from Clonmel and neighborhood will be diving into the competitive scene for the very first time at the UL Arena.

As the event unfolds, the sounds of cheers, encouragement, and the swish of the water will fill the arena. Every competitor, whether from Tipperary or elsewhere, carries with them the hopes and dreams of their school, their club, and themselves.

To all the swimmers, especially those making their debut, we say: Dive quick, swim fast, and enjoy every moment.

Make your school and club proud. Best of luck to all!

More informations about this gala here