No phones allowed on the deck of the pool.


Do arrive on time, sign in and make yourself know to the coach on duty.

Do ensure an attendance record for the session is taken and signed by the coach.

Do sit on the deck of the pool in full view and hearing of the pool area: this can be achieved by sitting at the center of the pool or near the diving blocks.

Do take note of children leaving and returning to the pool, a child should return to the pool after visiting the toilets.

Do allow the coaches the freedom to get on with the session.

Do take note of any problems that occur and relate issues to the committee.

Do help the coach as an extra adult to supervise children in the event of an emergency.

Do cover your full session and if you need to leave early do get a replacement.

Do sign out.

DON’T leave the deck of the pool until all swimmers have entered the changing area.

DON’T go onto the pool deck until a lifeguard is on duty.

DON’T wear outdoor footwear on the deck of the pool.

DON’T perform any act that may distract you from observing the training session ie. speaking to others or reading.

DON’T bring food or hot drinks onto the pool deck.