Region Future Challenger Meet Structure 2021-2022

Olympic Band Rewards

The Swim Ireland Meet Programme is a programme of classification of Swim Meets designed to ensure that all swimmers can swim in competitions which are specific to their ability. The programme follows a sequential swimming development model in age bands commencing with fun type “galas” at club level through to National Meets.

The Development and Qualifying Meet structure is now replaced with two new models:

▪ Regional Future Challenger Series from 10 to 12 years

▪ Regional Aspiring Champions Series from 13 years upwards

Details of characteristics of these new structures are available on the latest version of Swim Ireland’s Swimming Domestic Competition Plan (2021-2022 Season) Explanatory Notes. A graphical representation of the pathway is included in this document as Annex 1.

There are some supplementary aspects associated with the Future Challenger Series relating to their running across multiple venues within each window of opportunity (as per previous Development Meets being run across three sub-regions within Connacht) in addition to the inclusion of an award system where
swimmers will be awarded bands having achieved a qualifying standard as laid out below. There will be a two-tier reward structure in place.

Future Challenger Series Qualification Times – “B” Band

On achieving a B-time, the athlete will receive a two-toned championship Band –White and colour representing the event.

There are five to collect:
Green/White = Backstroke
Blue/White = Breaststroke Yellow/White = Butterfly
Red/White = Freestyle
Black/White = Individual Medley

Future Challenger Series Qualification Times “B” Band


Future Challenger Series Qualification Times “Olympic Ring”

Athletes achieving an A” time will receive a solidcolour Olympic Ring band specific to the event qualified in, and on a later date, will receive the A certificate. Swimmers may represent their club at Regional Qualifying Meets In events they hold Olympic Rings.

When a swimmer has collected all five Olympic rings, even in instances where they change age groups, the swimmer will be awarded a GOLD BAND.

Green = Backstroke,
Blue = Breaststroke, Yellow= Butterfly, Red = Freestyle, Black = Individual Medley Gold = Achieving all 5

Future Challenger Series Qualification Times “Olympic Ring”


Annex 1 Swim Ireland Competition Pathway