Date: 20 and 21 November 2021

Time: 9:00 – 18:00 (Warm up – 9:00, start – 10:00)

Start Venue : UL

Closing Date: Wednesday 27th. October. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Fees : €7.00 per individual event €20 per relay event.

Fees must be paid at least one week prior to the competition. Changes CANNOT be made after fees have been paid. Fees should be paid directly into the bank account, and must include the name of the club and the name of the meet.

Bank details BIC – AIBKIE2D IBAN – IE70AIBK93251559772394

For the end to end reference, please use your family name and the event.  Example Kelly Kate, Munster SC Championship

Competition Criteria:
Swimmers must be at least 13 years of age prior to December 31st 2021 to enter this meet
Swimmers must qualify in the events in which they wish to enter.
Swimmers who qualify for 800m Freestyle may also enter 1500m Freestyle and vice versa. Training Times should be entered in either of these events when qualifying through this method (see yellow, below). Swimmers who hold the qualifying time for either event will be given priority over those without the stated qualifying time in the event of an over-subscribed event.

➢ All qualifying times must have been achieved since January 1st. 2019
➢ SC and LC times may be used for qualifying. If using LC times these must be entered as such and will be converted upon receipt.
➢ Training times and NTs will not be accepted.


Events in which there are 10 or less entrants will be HDW and will be swum with the finals.
Entries may be limited to ensure compliance with SI licence rules. Where entries have been limited clubs will be informed when all entries have been processed.


All competing clubs must provide at least one official per six swimmers per session up to a maximum of three officials per session.

Session 1. Saturday 20th November
9.00 am Warm Up 10.00 am Start
Session 4. Sunday 21st. November
9.00 am Warm Up 10.00 am Start
1. Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay HDW
2. Female 400m Freestyle HDW
3. Male 100m IM
4. Female 50m Butterfly
5. Male 50m Freestyle
6. Female 200m Backstroke
7. Male 200m Breaststroke
8. Female 100m Breaststroke
9. Male 100m Backstroke
10. Female 200m IM
21. Mixed 200m Medley Relay HDW
22. Male 400m Freestyle HDW
23. Female 100m IM
24. Male 50m Butterfly
25. Female 50m Freestyle
26. Male 200m Backstroke
27. Female 200m Breaststroke
28. Male 100m Breaststroke
29. Female 100m Backstroke
30. Male 200m IM
Session 2. Saturday 20th November 2pm
Session 5. Sunday 21ts. November 2 pm
11. Male 200m Freestyle
12. Female 200m Butterfly
13. 13, Male 100m Butterfly
14. Female 100m Freestyle1
15. Male 50m Breaststroke
16. Female 50m Backstroke
17. Male 400m IM HDW
18. Male 200m Freestyle Relay HDW
19. Female 200m Freestyle Relay HDW
20. Mixed 1500m Freestyle HDW
31. Female 200m Freestyle
32. Male 200m Butterfly
33. Female 100m Butterfly
34. Male 100m Freestyle
35. Female 50m Breaststroke
36. Male 50m Backstroke
37. Female 400m IM HDW
38. Female 200m Medley Relay HDW
39. Male 200m Medley Relay HDW
40. Mixed 1500m Freestyle HDW
Session 3. Saturday 20th. November
Session 6 Sunday 21st. November
Finals of Sessions 1 & 2 where applicable
Finals of Sessions 4 & 5 where applicable

QT – Qualifying Time CT – Consideration Time