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Munster SC Championships (SC) (UL) (2022)

Munster SC Championships, University of Limerick

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Meet Location: University of Limerick
Date 12th.& 13th.  November 2022
Sessions : Saturday 12th 9.00 am Warm up  10.00 am start.   Female warm up first

Sunday 13th 9.00 am Warm up 10.00 am Start.  Male warm up first

Age: Age as 31st December 2022
Qualification Criteria: Times may be achieved in both Short Course & Long Course from 1st January 2021.

Times must have been achieved in meets licenced at Level 3 or higher to be eligible to be used for entry into this meet. Long Course times used for entry will be converted to Short Course via the Meet Management System for seeding purposes and vice versa

Heats & Finals: All 50m,100m and 200m events will have heats and “A”and “B”finals.  Where there are less than 24 entrants in an event there will be an “A” final ONLY.Relays, 400m,800m and 1500m events will be HDW and will be swum with the heats.
Withdrawals: Withdrawals from day 1 must be emailed to (notify Clonmel Gala Secretary) 24 hours before the start of the meet. Withdrawals for subsequent days must be submitted by 6pm the previous day, i.e. for day 2, withdrawals must be submitted by 6pm on day 1. There will be a €50 fine if swimmers are not withdrawn by 6pm for an event for the next day.
Entry Deadline: Closing date for entries is 15th October.

Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Entry Fees: Individual entries cost €8per event. Relay entries cost €20 per event.Fees should be paid directly into the Clonmel Swimming bank account, and must include the name of the club and the name of the meet. Payment should be received at least 10 days prior to the meet


No entry will be processed until the appropriate fee has been received by the Treasurer. Payment options are detailed in the Entry Summary Sheet.

Please note that entries are non-refundable once the final date for payment has passed

Relay Entries: Clubs are permitted to enter more than one relay team per event. The names of the 4 relay team members swimming in the race and the order of swimming must be declared on the official Team Declaration Sheet and submitted to the Swim Office Table no later than 60 minutes before the start of the session in which the race takes place. Failure to do so will be subject to a fine of €50 without exception and disqualification of the relay team.

All competing swimmers must be entered in the meet (even if they are not swimming in individual events). Relay teams that swim in an order that is different from the declared order of swimming shall be disqualified in accordance with FINA Rule SW 10.12.

Awards: Medals are awarded for top-3 placings overall.
Anti-Doping: It is a condition of attending a Swim Ireland event that swimmers may be required to be tested for prohibited substances in accordance with the Sport Ireland/WADA/FINA Anti-Doping rules. For further information visit the Anti-Doping section of the Sport Ireland website.
Swimsuits: All swimsuits must comply with FINA regulations and should bear the FINA approved stamp (https://www.fina.org/sites/default/files/frsa.pdf)
Health & Safety: Please refer to the Health & Safety guidelines at the back of the programme and also the Swim Ireland Code of Practice for Safety (Swimming) on the Swim Ireland website.


Day 1 – Sat 12th November 2022 Day 2 – Sun 13th November 2022
Session 1: Combined Heats


Session 3: Combined Heats


Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay HDW

Female 400m Freestyle HDW

Male 100m IM

Female 50m Butterfly

Male 50m Freestyle

Female 200m Backstroke

Male 200m Breaststroke

Female 100m Breaststroke

Male 100m Backstroke

Female 200m IM

Male 200m Freestyle

Female 200m Butterfly

Male 100m Butterfly

Female 100m Freestyle

Male 50m Breaststroke

Female 50m Backstroke

Male 400m IM HDW

Female 200m Freestyle Relay HDW

Male 200m Freestyle Relay HDW

Mixed 800m Freestyle HDW

Mixed 200m Medley Relay HDW

Male 400m Freestyle HDW

Female 100m IM

Male 50m Butterfly

Female 50m Freestyle

Male 200m Backstroke

Female 200m Breaststroke

Male 100m Breaststroke

Female 100m Backstroke

Male 200m IM

Female 200m Freestyle

Male 200m Butterfly

Female 100m Butterfly

Male 100m Freestyle

Female 50m Breaststroke

Male 50m Backstroke

Female 400m IM HDW

Male 200m Medley Relay HDW

Female 200m Medley Relay HDW

Mixed 1500m Freestyle HDW


Session 2: Finals & Presentations


Session 4: Finals & Presentations


Mixed 200m Freestyle Relay HDW (Fastest Heat)

Male 100m IM ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 50m Butterfly ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 50m Freestyle ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 200m Backstroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 200m Breaststroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 100m Breaststroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 100m Backstroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 200m IM ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 200m Freestyle ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 200m Butterfly ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 100m Butterfly ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 100m Freestyle ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 50m Breaststroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 50m Backstroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 200m Freestyle Relay HDW (Fastest Heat)

Female 200m Freestyle Relay HDW (Fastest Heat)

Mixed 200m Medley Relay HDW (Fastest Heat)

Female 100m IM ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 50m Butterfly ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 50m Freestyle ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 200m Backstroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 200m Breaststroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 100m Breaststroke‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 100m Backstroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 200m IM ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 200m Freestyle ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 200m Butterfly ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 100m Butterfly ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 100m Freestyle ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 50m Breaststroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Male 50m Backstroke ‘A’ or ‘A’ & ‘B’ Finals

Female 200m Medley Relay HDW (Fastest Heat)

Male 200m Medley Relay HDW (Fastest Heat)

  • If a Friday evening session is not possible, the 400m IM events are to be run in Sessions 2 and 4

(and the relay order at the end of these sessions would be reversed)


QT – Qualifying Time             CT – Consideration Time


2006+ (16 & U) 2005 – (17 & O) 2006- (16&O) 2007+ (15 & U)
32.83 33.48 31.52 32.83 50m Freestyle 35.73 36.57 36.57 37.30
1.11.27 1.12.69 1.08.42 1.11.27 100m Freestyle 1.16.53 1.19.68 1.19.68 1.21.27
2.37.82 2.40.97 2.31.51 2.37.82 200m Freestyle 2.46.45 2.53.38 2.53.38 2.56.84
5.46.57 5.53.39 5.32.52 5.46.57 400m Freestyle 5.54.15 6.08.90 6.08.90 6.16.27
Swimmers who have qualified for 1500m may also enter this event 800m Freestyle 11.24.72 13.10.00 13.10.00 13.25.00
23.38.00 24.29.70 21.36.05 23.38.00 1500m Freestyle Swimmers who have qualified for 800m may also enter this event
37.89 38.64 36.38 37.89 50m Backstroke 41.36 43.08 43.08 43.94
1.24.48 1.25.55 1.20.53 1.24.48 100m Backstroke 1.27.05 1.30.67 1.30.67 1.32.48
3.02.06 3.05.70 2.54.78 3.02.06 200m Backstroke 3.07.48 3.15.29 3.15.29 3.19.19
40.45 41.25 38.84 40.45 50m Breaststroke 46.23 48.15 48.15 49.11
1.32.03 1.34.89 1.29.31 1.32.03 100m Breaststroke 1.39.88 1.44.04 1.44.04 1.46.12
3.30.37 3.34.47 3.21.86 3.30.37 200m Breaststroke 3.36.69 3.45.71 3.45.71 3.50.22
34.55 35.24 33.17 34.55 50m Butterfly 37.49 39.05 39.05 39.83
1.18.59 1.20.16 1.16.45 1.18.59 100m Butterfly 1.24.72 1.28.25 1.28.25 1.30.01
3.03.40 3.07.06 2.56.07 3.03.40 200m Butterfly 3.08.09 3.15.92 3.15.92 3.19.83
1.23.34 1.25.00 1.20.01 1.23.34 100m IM 1.27.73 1.31.38 1.31.38 1.33.20
2.57.93 3.01.48 2.50.82 2.57.93 200m IM 3.05.78 3.13.52 3.13.52 3.17.39
6.20.18 6.27.78 6.04.98 6.20.18 400m IM 6.39.37 6.56.01 6.56.01 7.04.33

All times Must have been achieved in a Level 3 meet since January 1st. 2021.


12 - 13 Nov 2022


Saturday 12th 9.00 am Warm up 10.00 am start. Female warm up first Sunday 13th 9.00 am Warm up 10.00 am Start. Male warm up first
09:00 - 18:00




UL Sport Facilities


UL Sport Facilities
University of Limerick, Sreelane, Limerick
UL Sport Facilities - (Limerick)


UL Sport Facilities - (Limerick)
(061) 213 555
UL Arena in University of Limerick

UL Sport is the new and ultra-simple brand that heralds ‘Ireland’s Sports Campus’ that encapsulates over 40 years of dedicated professional service that has changed the face of Sport in Ireland. Beginning our life as the National College of Physical Education (N.C.P.E.) we have evolved through the National Institute of Higher Education Limerick (N.I.H.E. (L)) and Thomond College of Education (T.C.E.) before receiving University status in 1989 and becoming now the world respected University of Limerick (U.L.) Throughout our short history Sport and indeed Recreation has been an integral part of what we cherish and encourage as we invite all our students and staff to sign up to our over arching belief that ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’ – a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body as our contribution to a balanced society. The basic beginner to the Olympic athlete enjoys the same billing and support and our message is proving very effective. The initial stone dropped into the 1972 Physical Education pond new enjoys ripples into every aspect and level of Sport and Exercise in Ireland as we continue to lead and challenge the next sporting generations. Not only do we affect performance but UL Sport now enjoys the role of hosting many international and national competitions on our magnificent Campus. With accommodation in place for thousands a new era of staging events in the one location has sky rocketed and has drawn us directly into the Sports Tourism industry. From humble beginnings UL Sport now lives the brand the affects quality of life and sports performance and forms the centrepiece of Sporting Limerick’s claim to be Ireland’s Sporting Capital. The UL Sport Arena – This stand-alone facility is home to the National 50m swimming pool base for the high performance swim unit, Multipurpose four court Sports Halls with bleacher seating for 17,000, 25M Diving Pool, the National Strength & Conditioning Centre, Fitness Studio, Indoor 225M 3-lane Jogging Track, 60M Sprint Track and various other ancillary and associated services. Increased numbers which now average 14,000 individual visits per week. The Arena building was officially opened on April 11th 2002 by An Taoiseach Mr. Bernie Ahern. The UL Sport Outdoor Facilities – We have multi-purpose fully floodlit all weather synthetic grass parks on both the north and south campus. The North campus contains two full size 3rd Generation (3G) soccer pitches, one full size 3G rugby pitch and a full size 3G GAA pitch. This is the largest artificial grass development in Ireland to date designed to IRB, GAA and FIFA specifications. In addition to the state of the art playing fields there is a Sports Pavilion which contains a reception arena, eight changing rooms (all with underfloor heating), two squad rooms and a Pavilion Bar & Restaurant. This facility is open to UL staff & students and the wider community and regions. The North Campus was officially opened on August 8th 2010. The South campus (Maguires) contains two full size 3rd Generation (3G) GAA pitches, one full size GAA Grass pitch , all floodlit. The pitches are also marked for Soccer. Current resident groups include Limerick GAA, Munster Rugby Academy, we have welcomed many GAA county teams since our opening – Limerick, Clare, Kerry, Galway, Cork to mention but a few. We also have a stand-alone facility bank that includes a 400m Athletic Track (refurbished and upgraded in 2018), an Astroturf facility, and four Tennis Courts. The south campus pitches are part of the “Leave a Legacy” campaign ran by the students in 2016, the development was funded by UL students. This facility was officially opened on September 24th 2019.

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