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Gerry Ryan Gala – (LC) (UL) – 8-9 Apr 2022

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Meet Conditions

1. Swimmers must be members of Swim Ireland & Swim Ireland Rules will apply.
2. One Start rule will apply for this gala.
3. Heats will be run as an open event based on each swimmer’s entry time in 10 lane formats.
4. All events will be H.D.W.
5. Medals will be awarded in all individual events for age groups 13-14, 15-16 & 17&O.
6. Swimmers must be at least 13 years of age prior to December 31st 2022 to enter this meet
7. Swimmers will be limited to a total of 8 individual swim events over the 2days.
8. There are Qualification Times for all events except the 800m and the 1500m.
9. No Times (NT’s) will not be accepted other than in the 800m & 1500m freestyle event if
time permits. Training times must be submitted in lieu of NT’s.
10. All entry times must be official times and may be verified on the National database.
11. SC times converted to LC Qualifying Times (Achieved since 1st January 2020) will beaccepted.
12. Qualification standards will be waived for swimmers with disabilities who are classified
through Paralympics Ireland.
13. A points system for the Gerry Ryan Perpetual Cup for best club will be applied.
14. In the event of the meet being oversubscribed the organisers may have to restrict the number of heats. LSC will work with clubs to minimise any impact forswimmers.
15. LSC will provide officials for this meet.
16. The host club reserves the right to enter some swimmers outside the qualifying criteria.
17. Session times may change depending on entries. You will be notified of changes one week before gala.
18. The host club reserves the right to limit the number of swimmers attending the gala due to COVID concern.

Gerry Ryan 2022 – ORDER OF EVENTS

Session 1 – Friday Evening

Warm-up 6.30pm – 7.00pm Start

1 Male 800m Freestyle
2 Female 800m Freestyle
3 Male 400 IM
4 Female 400 IM
5 Mixed 1500m Freestyle

Session 2 – Saturday Morning

Warm-up 7:15am – 9.00am Start

6 Boys 200m Breaststroke
7 Girls 200m Breaststroke
8 Boys 100m Butterfly
9 Girls 100m Butterfly
10 Boys 200m Backcrawl
11 Girls 200m Backcrawl
12 Boys 50m Backcrawl
13 Girls 50m Backcrawl
14 Boys 200m Freestyle
15 Girls 200m Freestyle
16 Boys 100m Breaststroke
17 Girls 100m Breaststroke
18 Boys 50m Butterfly
19 Girls 50m Butterfly

Session 3 – Saturday Afternoon

Warm-up 1.00pm – 2.00pm Start

20 Girls 100m Freestyle
21 Boys 100m Freestyle
22 Girls 200m Butterfly
23 Boys 200m Butterfly
24 Girls 200m Ind. Medley
25 Boys 200m Ind. Medley
26 Girls 50m Breaststroke
27 Boys 50m Breaststroke
28 Girls 100m Backcrawl
29 Boys 100m Backcrawl
30 Girls 400m Freestyle
31 Boys 400m Freestyle
32 Girls 50m freestyle
33 Boys 50m freestyle


08 - 09 Apr 2022


06:30 - 18:00




UL Sport Facilities


UL Sport Facilities
University of Limerick, Sreelane, Limerick
UL Sport Facilities - (Limerick)


UL Sport Facilities - (Limerick)
(061) 213 555
UL Arena in University of Limerick

UL Sport is the new and ultra-simple brand that heralds ‘Ireland’s Sports Campus’ that encapsulates over 40 years of dedicated professional service that has changed the face of Sport in Ireland. Beginning our life as the National College of Physical Education (N.C.P.E.) we have evolved through the National Institute of Higher Education Limerick (N.I.H.E. (L)) and Thomond College of Education (T.C.E.) before receiving University status in 1989 and becoming now the world respected University of Limerick (U.L.) Throughout our short history Sport and indeed Recreation has been an integral part of what we cherish and encourage as we invite all our students and staff to sign up to our over arching belief that ‘Mens Sana in Corpore Sano’ – a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body as our contribution to a balanced society. The basic beginner to the Olympic athlete enjoys the same billing and support and our message is proving very effective. The initial stone dropped into the 1972 Physical Education pond new enjoys ripples into every aspect and level of Sport and Exercise in Ireland as we continue to lead and challenge the next sporting generations. Not only do we affect performance but UL Sport now enjoys the role of hosting many international and national competitions on our magnificent Campus. With accommodation in place for thousands a new era of staging events in the one location has sky rocketed and has drawn us directly into the Sports Tourism industry. From humble beginnings UL Sport now lives the brand the affects quality of life and sports performance and forms the centrepiece of Sporting Limerick’s claim to be Ireland’s Sporting Capital. The UL Sport Arena – This stand-alone facility is home to the National 50m swimming pool base for the high performance swim unit, Multipurpose four court Sports Halls with bleacher seating for 17,000, 25M Diving Pool, the National Strength & Conditioning Centre, Fitness Studio, Indoor 225M 3-lane Jogging Track, 60M Sprint Track and various other ancillary and associated services. Increased numbers which now average 14,000 individual visits per week. The Arena building was officially opened on April 11th 2002 by An Taoiseach Mr. Bernie Ahern. The UL Sport Outdoor Facilities – We have multi-purpose fully floodlit all weather synthetic grass parks on both the north and south campus. The North campus contains two full size 3rd Generation (3G) soccer pitches, one full size 3G rugby pitch and a full size 3G GAA pitch. This is the largest artificial grass development in Ireland to date designed to IRB, GAA and FIFA specifications. In addition to the state of the art playing fields there is a Sports Pavilion which contains a reception arena, eight changing rooms (all with underfloor heating), two squad rooms and a Pavilion Bar & Restaurant. This facility is open to UL staff & students and the wider community and regions. The North Campus was officially opened on August 8th 2010. The South campus (Maguires) contains two full size 3rd Generation (3G) GAA pitches, one full size GAA Grass pitch , all floodlit. The pitches are also marked for Soccer. Current resident groups include Limerick GAA, Munster Rugby Academy, we have welcomed many GAA county teams since our opening – Limerick, Clare, Kerry, Galway, Cork to mention but a few. We also have a stand-alone facility bank that includes a 400m Athletic Track (refurbished and upgraded in 2018), an Astroturf facility, and four Tennis Courts. The south campus pitches are part of the “Leave a Legacy” campaign ran by the students in 2016, the development was funded by UL students. This facility was officially opened on September 24th 2019.

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